VidMate App For iPhone – Vidmate Alternatives For iOS

VidMate App For iPhone: Vidmate is an app that helps you download various media files; you can download Movies, Videos, Songs, and Games using this app. Vidmate provides you the videos and files in multi-regional languages so you can choose the files accordingly and download it for amusement you do not have to go through hardships to download the songs in your won regional language or need not tell your fellow companion to narrate you the lyrics of the songs.

VidMate App For iPhone – Vidmate Alternatives For iOS:


In this article, I will talk you about the Vidmate app, which one of the generous video downloading the app for a smartphone. I will let you know how to download this app for your iPhone device and also, let you know best alternatives of Vidmate. So, keep reading if you want to learn more about this app and alternatives.

About Vidmate App:

The Vidmate app provides you with the best features. You can download two-three files at a time, without the need of waiting for the completion of downloading of one file and you can even watch videos while downloading other files without the fear of losing the file.

And it needs only 3MB space for installation, so you do not need to delete other files to download and install this app on your computer. And it has an offline feature enabling you to download files anytime anywhere without the need of turning on your data, just like Youtube.

VidMate supports many formats such as 3GP, AVI, MPEG, FIV, MP4, MOV, etc. It also has the ability to detect any link of the browser. Approximately 400000 video and song files are available enabling you to choose many files.

And the best feature of this app is you can watch any video without the problem of buffering and you can listen to all songs without any error while playing or without any sort of problems.


And the ability to watch live TV show is a wonderful feature this is an advantage for many TV serial lovers you can download and watch the TV serial anytime and stay updated with the latest TV shows. So if you miss any TV shows or the reality you need not wait for the repeat telecast on the TV you can download or watch serials or live shows using the VidMate app.

To know more about this app, you can go through this article. We have given you the steps to install this app, so you need to search here and there for information to install this app on your device. We have made it simple and easy for you.

Features of VidMate App:

Here I’ll be telling you about the features of Vidmate App you can go through to know about the features of Vidmate app.

  1. This app provides you with more than 400000 songs and videos: Now you can download best songs or best movies out of the available videos and songs. You can download as many as you want.
  1. You can listen to the music in any of the regional languages: You need not worry more about the languages. Many times we love the tune and tone of the music or song, but we are unable to understand the lyrics of the song, so this app provides you with music in all regional languages so you can search and download your favorite song in your favorite language.
  2. While downloading the video or any file you can watch other videos: In most of the apps this feature is not present, this feature of VidMate App helps you enjoy. And make the best use of your time without letting you waste your time focusing only on one thing, this feature enables you to watch the video while downloading other files without any interruption.
  3. You can perform multitasking using this app: You can watch videos while downloading files and you can download a number of files at the same time, isn’t it advantageous?vidmate-features
  1. You can download around five movies at a time: So without the need of waiting for the downloading of one file to complete you can start downloading another file simultaneously, not only one file or two you can download five files at a time. Wow! This app really has an amazing feature!
  2. You can download files anywhere anytime: like Youtube it also has an offline feature that enables the user of this app to download the files while being offline.
  3. It always stays updated: So you need not worry about the latest TV shows or movies or video because this app has the collection of all the latest tv shows and movies so you can always keep yourself updated using this app.
  4. It has a video converting feature: Earlier to convert a video we had to download a separate converter app but now this feature is present in this app itself. Now you can convert your favorite movies into audio files.
  5. Less storage space required: This app takes the only 3MB so you need not delete other files, just with 3MB files you will be able to download large files.

How to download and install VidMate for iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no Vidmate developer support for iOS or no Vidmate app for iOS/iPhone. But the good thing is you get a lot of Vidmate alternatives for iPhone/iOS. I would recommend you to download from the below list, which are the best Vidmate alternatives for iOS/iPhone.vidmate-alternatives

  1. McTube
  2. MyVid
  3. Video Downloader Pro
  4. MxTube
  5. Tube Downloader Pro


This is one of the best apps I have come across so far, after using this app I got complete satisfaction because it has tremendous features that enables you to download files easily. Earlier we were in need of downloading converters in order to convert video files into audio files, but now as we have this file, we don’t have to think more about having separate converter apps because this app has this feature also with it. So download the app to enjoy its excellent features.

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